规格: 100mL

货号: MB3011-1


Percoll is a well-referenced media for density gradient centrifugation of cells, viruses, and subcellular particles. Percoll is composed of colloidal silica coated with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP).

  • For separation of cells, subcellular particles and larger viruses (down to ~ 70S) under gentle conditions which preserve viability and morphological integrity.
  • Non-toxic to cells.
  • Adjustable to physiological ionic strength and pH.
  • Gradients can either be preformed or spontaneously generated by centrifugation at moderate speeds in an angle-head rotor.
  • Gradients are iso-osmotic throughout and cover a range of densities up to 1.3 g/ml.

Percoll is a low viscosity density gradient medium for preparation of cells, subcellular particles, and larger viruses. The low viscosity of the medium enables cell preparation on preformed gradients in only a few minutes using low centrifugal forces (200 to 1000 × g). The medium is avaialble in easy-to-open, resealable 250 ml and 1 l bottles.
Percoll consists of silica particles (15 to 30 nm diameter) coated with non-dialyzable polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP). Free PVP is present at only 1% to 2%. Percoll is non-toxic, almost chemically inert and does not adhere to membranes. Percoll gradients can be formed within the density range of 1.0 to 1.3 g/ml, and are iso-osmotic throughout.
Percoll can be stored unopened at room temperature for five years. At -20°C, it can only be stored for up to six months. If stored at -20°C, gradients form upon thawing, necessitating a mixing of the bottle before use. Preformed gradients can be stored for weeks without a change in gradient shape, provided that the gradient remains unfrozen. Percoll can be buffered within the pH range 5.5 to 10.0 without any changes in properties. If the pH is dropped below 5.5, gelling may occur. Gelling can also be caused by the presence of divalent cations, an effect which is exacerbated by elevated temperatures. Undiluted Percoll can be resterilized by autoclaving for 30 min at 120°C.

Application Used in balanced salt solutions, physiological saline or 0.25M sucrose.
Used for basic research applications.
Used for density gradient centrifugation of cells, viruses and subcellular particles.
Used for formation of gradients either by the use of convenient gradient mixers or by high speed centrifugation.
Density Max. 1.135 g/ml
Properties Solution
Estimated Shelf Life from Manufacture Date 5 years
Storage Conditions 4–30°C
Stability Percoll is provided as solution which is stable for at least 5 yr when stored between 4°C and 30°C
Physical State Liquid/Suspension
Physical Form Colloidal solution of silica coated with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)
Osmolality < 25 mOsm/kg
Viscosity Max. 15 cP
Conductivity <100 mS/m
pH Range 8.5–9.5
Color Colorless to slightly yellow